Kurt Gray grew up in Canada, completed his undergrad at the University of Waterloo and his PhD at Harvard. He was almost a geophysicist instead of a social psychologist, but a cold night stranded and stalked by lynx in Northern Alberta convinced him otherwise. Unsurprisingly given the title of the lab, he is interested in mind perception and morality. He enjoys surfing and photography, but if forced to choose, would rather do research than either.

Website: www.kurtjgray.com     Email: kurtgray@unc.edu


Post Docs

Andrew Vonasch did his PhD at Florida State University and is interested in moral psychology, consciousness and self-control. He is funded by the Charles Koch Foundation to investigate the psychological origins of fairness. email: andy.vonasch@gmail.com


Graduate Students

Chelsea Schein is a 5th year doctoral candidate investigating moral judgment and biomedical ethics.  More specifically, she studies the importance of perceived harm in condemnations of wrongdoing, and issues surrounding end of life decision-making.

email: cschein@live.unc.edu


Jonathan Keeney is a 5th year student exploring the interplay of moral cognition and real-world decision making. He is interested in behavioral business ethics, strategic self-presentation and the moral averson to profit-maximizing behavior.

email: jek@unc.edu


Neil Hester is a 4th year student interested in mind perception and race, moral issues surrounding biomedical enhancements and people's automatic perceptions of immorality. email: nehester@live.unc.edu


Amelia Goranson is a 3rd year student interested in moral transformation, perceptions of death, and the power of narrative. She is also studying how moral typecasting can make people healthier and happier.

email: agoranso@live.unc.edu


Joshua Jackson is a 1st year student interested in culture, religion, morality, and agent-based modeling.

email: joshcj@live.unc.edu


Full Time Staff


Stephen Anderson is a full time research assistant working on the NSF funded project "Confessional Reluctance: The Paradox of Zero Tolerance Policies." He is also interested in empathy cognition and moral psychology.

email: standerson28@gmail.com




Hanne Schrickx (thesis student), Emmie Banks, Meredith Blumberg, Grace Busby, Lillian Dillard, Zack Green, Elizabeth Han, Lindsey Helms, Pooja Iyer, Julia Katz, Matt Mattoni, Betsy Neill, Tommy Savransky, Carson Sells, Harsh Shah

Lab Alumni

Daryl Cameron (Penn State), Cameron Doyle (UNC), John Michael Kelly (UC-Irvine), Kristen Klein, Anna Sheveland, Mihai Sirbu