Chelsea Schein graduates and begins post-doc at Wharton

Emily Kubin begins grad school at Tilburg with Mark Brandt

Stephen Anderson begins grad school at Penn State with Daryl Cameron

Chelsea Schein Wins Grand Prize for Best Paper, FRANK Public Interest and Communication Conference  

Gods Face paper goes viral

Andy Vonasch begins tenure-track job at University of Canturbury, NZ

The 57-chapter Atlas of Moral Psychology is published


Josh Jackson awarded an NSF Grow Summer Fellowship

MPM lab awarded grant from Charles Koch Foundation to study Marketplace of Ideas

Kurt Gray gives keynote address at SSSP

Kurt Gray awarded Sage Young Scholar Award


Kurt Gray awarded University of Waterloo Young Alumni Award

John Michael Kelly begins grad school at UC Irvine with Pete Ditto

Kurt Gray awarded ISCON Early Career Award

Amelia Goranson and Josh Jackson both awarded NSF GRFs

MPM lab awarded grant from Charles Koch Foundation to study Markets and Morality

The Mind Club reviewed in the WSJ and New Scientist

The Mind Club is published

MPM lab awarded grant from the Russell Sage Foundation to study stereotyping

Lab research and The Mind Club featured in The New Yorker


Lab research (and Kurt's cats) featured in Slate.

Kurt Gray and collaborators win ISCON Best Paper of the Year Award for ABM paper.

MPM lab and collaborators awarded NSF grant to study ethics in organizations.

MPM lab and collaborators awarded Templeton grant to study Imagination and Creativity.

Chelsea Schein wins the UNC Psychology Club Research Mentor Award

MPM lab welcomes visiting scholar Hanne Watkins

Kurt Gray and Chelsea Schein write a NY Times Op-Ed

MPM lab dominates at trampoline dodgeball


MPM lab welcomes new grad student Amelia Goranson

MPM lab welcomes visiting scholar Ryan Lantzy

Lab research on fashion covered in Slate.

Lab research on group formation covered in Science Magazine

Kurt Gray awarded APS Janet Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Research


Kurt Gray (with Liane Young and Adam Waytz) wins SPSP Theoretical Innovation Award

The MPM lab is awarded a Templeton grant to study Immortality

Kurt Gray awarded a Psi Chi Undergraduate Teaching Award

Incoming student Neil Hester awarded a University Fellowship

Kurt Gray talks with Josh Knobe on Blogging Heads

Kurt Gray is named an APS Rising Star

Chelsea Schein awarded an NSF GRFP